torsdag 28 februari 2013

Day 9 27/2 Zürich, Kultur für dich

Day 9
a small place called Kafi Für dich
at first sight mostly filled with coffe-drinking mothers and their babys 

but then later in the evening the mothers and the babys turned into a big crowd of beer-drinking people
and another place were knäckt, as we say
a very luxurious backstage/bedroom, good food 
and a good night sleep
made the day

and i met a friend who studied at the swedish school of textiles at the same time as i was
that was very nice

 annina to the right and her friend to the left

onsdag 27 februari 2013

Day 8 26/2 Mainz, Shon Shön

Day 8
a city by the name Mainz in Germany
a venue called Shon Shön
we arrived 2-3 hours to late because of 2 never ending traffic-jams
so most of the day was spent in the car reading a book
and watching the episodes of Le Revenants ( have you seen it?)
And Daniel is driving like a king! 

I didn't take that many pictures this day, 
it went by pretty fast
and the crowd at the venue liked to talk
a bit to much..

tisdag 26 februari 2013

Day 7 25/2 A day of in Münich

Day 7 
the first day off!
and the city who got the honor to entertain us was Munich
and before we went here i found out they have a zoo
even the sky open up and showed us the best side of Munich 
finally sun and blue skies, hallelujah !
a walk beside the river took us to the wonderful animals
the best off course the Tiger, my love..
and the magic Lion
to many pictures, i know, but i could not make it less.

day 6 24/2 München , Milla

Day 6
and a club called Milla
it was a cold sunday night, but still the people 
crawled out of their warm homes to give their ears and souls to music

söndag 24 februari 2013

Day 5 23/2 Nürtingen , Provisorium

Day 5
Nürtingen, Germany
a place called Provisorium
a short summon up would sound like this:

BIG white room for backstage
a tunnel leading to good Ethiopian food
ünderberg-towers falling down

ps. im just smoking a salty stick
its very very rock life!