tisdag 23 september 2014

Notes and drawings by Einar Josefsson

We rent this big yellow wooden house by a the most kindhearted man i´ve ever met.
Along with the house there´s a barn and some small sheds,
 one of this sheds are filled with old things, the remains from what have been here before.

A lot of these old things i have brought back in to the house again, 
and made them into use..

some days ago i went out to the shed and found some old school books 
that once during the 1930´s belonged to a boy called Einar Josefsson
(his brother is now our landlord, 94 years old.)

Inside the books was notes and drawings, 
so beautiful,  i had to bring them inside.


måndag 15 september 2014

a monkey and my time

i find it hard, 

This year I have all this time and i can´t  seem to make the best of it,
ill regret that later, when the time is gone.
Being my own boss was harder that i thought,
there´s alwas something else coming in the way of my "work"
and its  difficult to find the balance, 
making the fun stuff in to work.

 I asume i need to get some routines,
my first plan is to set the clock same time every morning
that´s a good start..

But anyway
today i made a monkey, so thats good..

torsdag 4 september 2014

September sky

Im in love with this late-summer-starting-fall-period..

The other night we came home around midnight and and looked up..
I almost fell over, the sky had a abundance of stars!
it was just mindblowing..the firs dark night with stars since spring.

Every year the season changing is new, i alway seem to forget how it was last year
the entrance of the darker nights, the colors and the smells are all new,
but still familiar, its a sweet melancholi 
every time, every year.