måndag 17 mars 2014

Graphic Workshop at Ålgården

I went to a graphic workshop at a place called Ålgården
and tested some different graphic techniques .
So much fun!
So I decided to become a member so i can do this whenever i want.

here is some of the print from yesterday
some will even be for sale in my shop

tisdag 11 mars 2014

" A Mexican Story"

Im in the making of a series of posters (soon to be printed and sold)
and this is the second one i made,
it has a mexican theme..

Shape and Color #1

This little collage can now be purchased in my shop
as a unique object

måndag 10 mars 2014

söndag 2 mars 2014

" Vad ska Lilla Nallen göra nu ? "

Me and my friend Eva made this book together 
She wrote and i Illustrated,
then we send it to a book publisher,
and in August it will be released !

The book is about a little bear and is called
"Vad ska Lilla Nallen göra nu ?"
(what should the little bear do now?)

Pattern, Flowers

Inspired by the great William Morris and Josef Frank
i wanted to draw a flower pattern,
Im not close to their perfection,
but a good practice..