måndag 16 juni 2014


This Baby-Patchwork-Quilt is now for sale in my shop
I will make more of these, 
all made by re-udes textile so everyone will be unique

måndag 9 juni 2014

Inspiration: A Place Called Stilsamt

I got a new friend..
 She has created a magic place called Stilsamt
 Its a place of stillness, elegance and delicate colours,
a place where hair is blooming and birds lay egg in tangled up buns.

Carefully selected pieces makes up an ensemble of treasures in her vintage shop
And togheter with her dreamy photos on Instagram I find Stilsamt a place of endless Inspiration!


These are some sketches made for a peek-a-boo-book
a collaboration Im doing with illustrator Ida Brogren 


söndag 1 juni 2014

Stop Motion Video - My Hobo Is Rambling

Finally its done!
My Stop Motion Video I´ve been working on since last spring!

Made by photos and drawings and put together in PS.
With some final editing-help from my friend Richard,
Its now ready to be shown to the world!

Music by my husband Daniel Norgren
My Hobo Is Rambling is featured on the album Buck