tisdag 30 april 2013

Walks in Rude

When we are home we like to take long walks in our small part of the world called Rude
There is no better place to reload your inspiration-account..

måndag 29 april 2013

King of Holland

We are on tour in Holland 
and apparently they are crowning a new king tomorrow
and its a very BIG deal,
orange and crowns everywhere...

måndag 22 april 2013

Childhood and summer

There is something magic about childhood and summer
the bare legs, kittens, green grass, and red painted houses..
its summer, you can almost smell it..

I found these old photos of my mother and her siblings
while preparing for the big party..

but before that we are taking a trip to Holland again.

my mother to the right and her sister Ingela

my mother in the center and her brother Tony and sister Ingela

fredag 19 april 2013

A Cowboy Tiger Totebag

i made a cowboy tiger totebag!

My Mother

Soon my mother turns 50,
its a day to celebrate.
Me, my sister and my brother are planning for the party..

My mother Lisbeth,  April 1966

tisdag 16 april 2013

My Pineapples

There are some small things in life that my heart is more weak for
 Pineapple is one of these thing
(tigers are another..)
i have a very small almost not even a collection of pineapples
and then i heard that you could grow your own!
by just cutting off the top of the pineapple and put it in water
so i had to test

the result is to be continued...

my pineapple-board at pinterest 

lördag 6 april 2013

A happy discovery !

We recently bought a new scanner/printer 
and today i just found that you can use it for scanning film-negatives!
and i have hundreds of negatives! 
mostly from the time i studied photography 
its a long time ago now 
so i started scan negatives
what a sweet memory lane to walk on!
this made my day!

The World

The 3 weeks at home are soon over... 
 On monday we are leaving this bubble we created for our selfs called home 
and are heading out there, in the real world,
this time Norway again
only 6 days though
i didn't do all the things i wanted to do during these weeks,
i have to suit my self for that
it was hard to "find back" this time

its really two different lives we live.

we just got this globe from Daniels mother
i love it

tisdag 2 april 2013


Today I have been giving my beloved plants some extra care
i gave them all some new soil, bigger pots, and lots of love! 
So now i hope they will crow big and strong,
especially the cactus!