tisdag 23 juli 2013

20 / 7 Vinjerock, Norway

A festival called Vinjerock high up in the Norwegian mountains. 
The backstage area was Tipi tents,
and the nature was magical !

fredag 19 juli 2013


Yesterday my beloved husband turned 30.
I had made some secret plans and took him for a small adventure.
the day started with the usual birthday breakfast, 
and then it became a suprice-trip on Mopeds around our home community,
we went through the woods to a hidden old place called Raskaminas stuga
its a very old house, from 1855, preserved by the township.
and its open for visitors to take a look in to the past
there we had a picnic in the grass..

during this time our friends had taken over our garden with blankets,cushions, fire and beverages
so  when we returned home there was a surprise bbq in the garden
a very lucky day and night!
happy birthday Daniel!

onsdag 17 juli 2013

week 28

Last week was a busy one,
we had 5 gigs all over scandinavia.
It was first Copenhagen on monday,
 then Helsingborg in sweden, supporting First aid kit,
then direct to the airport to catch a flight to Norway, 
it was 2 days without sleep! 
because of a cancelled flight back from Norway. 
one day home resting,
and then 2 great sunny days at a place called Slussens Pesionat, 
Its by the west coast in sweden.
The days at Slussen felt more like a vacation, 
and it was 4 band members this time,
and along came the girlfriends, wife's and 2 newborn babies
we had such a great time!