tisdag 13 september 2011

Windy times

there´s windy times outside the house, its cracking and banging on the wooden walls, the rain is hard and the yellow leaves are blowing of their branshes. the autumn has really come for real now..no turning back, i like it sometimes but its also a bit sad.. in shool we learn about knitting , i will show some of that another time and at the same time our little class of 7 people are working on a project, sometimes you need to play as well, i think its important to set your mind free to get some new inspiration, during the lectures these figures ends up on paper.. a bit dark and mysterius, but with playfullness twinkling behind their eyes... hugely inspired by the moomins ofcourse, I just read the "moomin fathers memoir", i recomend it to all people , any age!

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