fredag 23 december 2011

to celebrate a day in gothenburg

Two years ago in May when our mom turned 47 she got a trip to Gothenburg with her 3 children, that trip didnt happend untill last weekend. Better late than never.. So on Saturday the 17. dec we took our mom ( me and my brother emil and sister emelie) to Gothenburg, the weather wasnt the best, but we had a great time. We made a visit to the museum of nature history (I dont know the name in english) it´s an old museum that contains hundreds of diffrent stuffed and percerved animals, I really like this place, its a bit creapy, dusty and old, and it smells funny.. They have this big bluewhale in one of the rooms, it scares and facinates me at the same time. After the museumvisit we went to a place called Haga, its an old part of the city with old wooden houses, there it was a christmasmarket going on and lost of lost of people, in the evening we ate dinner at a restaurant named Tranquilo, it was very tasty..mmmmm. and then we saw the movie Hysterica , it was fun, i can recomend it.

Thank you mom for waiting so long for your present, i had a great time!

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