torsdag 6 september 2012

Barr ♥ Elle Deco = True

Im a bit rosy on the cheeks when tell you about this..

In the springtime i got a mail from Elle Deco in France,
where they told me that they where going to write about my blog in the September issue,
I could hardly believe this to be true,
 how on earth could someone find my little blog in the universe of blogs!?
and more unbelievable, it was Elle Deco France who had found it..
one of the best interior magazines...

the summer went by and i still had trouble believing this was true..
and then, yesterday, i got a mail
its true..

this is what they wrote:

A veritable treasure trove of patterns, colours and materials, the photos and sketches by young Petra Wester Norgren are so many paths to follow. In order to amass research drawings and draw inspiration, she created Barr8 while studying Textile Design in Sweden

thank you Elle Deco France!

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