onsdag 24 oktober 2012


We are home, hurray!
two weeks just flew by like a hurricane
and it nearly feels like it didn't happen yet,
its mostly a blurry memory with all the places and faces 
all mixed up together.
Luckily i took plenty of photos that will help me sort it out
and time will make its magic 
and then what will remain 
is just one big good memory of two great weeks 
its been fun, lots of it,
and also lots of time just hanging around and waiting,
sitting in the car
we just drove for 25 hours from London to Rude,
so im a bit mushy in the head
might need some sleep
but i wanted to show the few, but lovely, souvenirs i brought home with me first 

1, Book of the lovely Marion Deuchars, bought at the Tate museum in London
2, Small porcelain hands bought at a second hand shop in Berlin, and they were very cheap to!
(I left one of the hands in a mysterious bar in the dark backstreets of Berlin
and made another one into a necklace, any one got a idea of what to do with these three?)
3, a blue-striped bowl bought in Utrecht

tomorrow we are off again, this time not so far and not for so long time.

and I want to thank The Tallest Man On Earth and his crew for bringing us to his heart and letting us  follow them these days in europe.

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