söndag 28 augusti 2011

Application patterns

As i was cleaning my studio today (again) i found these " patterns" that i made on the application day for school more than a year ago, The task was to paint a fruit according to diffrent tasks and to make a small collection patterns. At the time i had never in my life done a pattern and didn´t know how to do, but i kind of like how it came out. my fruit of choice was a Dragonfruit, a pink (suprice!) ang green fruit with white flesh inside and small black seeds. its not a good tasting fruit but it sure is satisfying for the eye.

So tomorrow its schoolstart and a new year filled with hard work and ups and downs, second year and i wonder how the first class students fel toningt, maybe a little nervous, i know i was a year ago. But we will do our best to make them feel welcome =) and its gonna be alot of fun seeing the classmates again!

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