onsdag 24 augusti 2011

finding things and giving them a new life

One of my favourite things to do is go to fleamarkets whenever its possible.But with a house allready filled with old "junk" and no more room for new stuff, Ivé started to look for smaller things, things on paper, its a new hobbie to look through the piles of old photos and prints, stashed away, forgotten.. This summer i stumbeld across these pieces wich i took with me home, no clue what i would do with them at firts, but then i gave them new lives..A found photo is always a mistery ,you cant help but wonder about the people on them..make up a story or just give them a new name ..

I found a big collection of prints from old boxes of matches

a old book with collection of wild animals

a diary

"gentelmen in the snow"


"red bull"

"She is hiding"

"He is hiding "

"ett lynne"

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